4/1/20, Camel Express Coronavirus (Covid 19, SARS-cov-2) safety measures and precautions


  • Vacuum handles
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Air wands
  • Door handles – playhouse, office, bathroom, break room, utility, storeroom, and



  • Frequent washing and rewashing of hands at all times
  • All team members wear masks at all times
  • All team members wear gloves at all times
  • Headsets cleaned before and after use
  • At any time money, credit cards, trash, or any other surface material touched by another person is to be contacted, team members wear provided disposable nitrile gloves
  • Our paystations are monitored from a safe distance



  • Our offices are closed to the public for safety
    • Should a customer require service, our team members are present to take notes from a distance of 6′ + and will provide assistance where necessary in this way.
  • We will not offer towels or vending products during this time